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When 'Want To' Becomes 'Have To!': Breaking the Chains That Are Holding You Back

By Gary Highfield

"When 'Want To' Becomes 'Have To!'" is Gary Highfield's amazing story of overcoming great adversity - a disadvantaged environment, limited education, and horrific family experiences - to achieve a successful career and attain the lifestyle he desired for his wife and children. It's about a man's resolve to reach for the "American dream" through hard work, determination, "want to," and timely, providential help from kind people along the way. Gary overcame fear of the unknown, a lack of professional job experience, and virtually no marketable people skills. He had no idea what a résumé was before embarking on an ambitious and comprehensive self-improvement program. But this book is far more than an autobiography or personal memoir. More than anything, it's about breaking chains - the chains that hold people back from realizing their dreams, utilizing their God-given talents, and enjoying the fulfillment of discovering and becoming all they can be.